Oct 14 2013

Dacelo novaeguineae upon an aged Eucalyptus

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A steady rain fell during the night so just after 6:00am I put my Schoeps M/S pair and Rycote Blimp in the carport. Raised high enough into the eaves to get the rain lightly hitting the roof and the trickle of water into the gutter.

Kookaburras waking up and testing their voice, Magpies choralling, New Holland Honey Eaters chirping and the Red Wattle Bird’s rattling cough. The occasional ‘creek’ of Pseudophryne bibronii, the Bibron’s Toadlet that is hiding amongst our plants.

A Spur Winged Plover can be heard 4 minutes into the recording. If you’ve been attack by one of these whilst trying to cross it’s nesting ground, you NEVER forget the sound. Many nights I have woken suddenly as one of the nearby nesting Plovers warns off a cat or fox. For several years, we had a Plover nesting about 20 metres from our bedroom window. Each year it would nest within a metre or so of the previous spot. One year I felt sorry for it sitting on the nest on freezing rain, so I built a small makeshift shelter over the spot and I like to think it was happier because of it. One of our Suffolk Rams was alone in a paddock having ‘done his thing’ with the ewes, and would sit next to it for company. The Plover would stand on the Rams head and beat him around the ears with its wings, but the ram wouldn’t give up. Eventually the Plover was the one that gave up and accepted the rams presence, and it was always amusing to watch it walk over and sit down when the bird returned to the nest.

Several years ago, a husband & wife further along our road got divorced. He got the car, she got the kids and for some reason, we got his pigeons and they’ve inhabited our barn since. They can be heard waking up, followed shortly after by an approaching train as the recording ends.

This is about 11:30 long MP3 encoded at 256 kbps (about 21 Mb)

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