Nov 29 2014

Nagra VI & Seven

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Nagra Seven feeding Channel 5 on the Nagra VI

Nagra Seven feeding Channel 5 on the Nagra VI

Recording ‘Requiem’ by John Rutter performed by the Adelaide University Choral Society in Christ Church, North Adelaide. The Nagra Seven is feeding channel 5 on the Nagra VI. Channels 1 & 2 on the Nagra VI carried a pair of Schoeps CCM4Lg in ORTF and channels 3 & 4 a pair of DPA 4006A Omni spaced at 40cm. Channel 5 was fed by a Schoeps CCM8Lg on the harp in the orchestra (via the Nagra Seven). The CCM8Lg went into channel 1 on the Nagra Seven. I took the AES output from the Seven and fed it’s channel 1 to channel 5 on the Nagra VI (via the Nagra VI AES Input and set the Nagra VI to accept the clocking at 96kHz from ‘AES A’ in the ‘Clock Reference’ menu)

And, although the Schoeps CCM8 is going into the left channel of the Nagra Seven, it’s destined for a right channel in the final mix. You can see the output matrix switch for channel 5 (on the Nagra VI) is set to the right channel. And the AES into channel 5 will feed both 5 & 6 but, since there is nothing on channel 6, you’ll see that it’s not armed for recording.

To set the levels for channel 5, I use the gains on the Nagra Seven. The AES passes it along to the Nagra VI without anything further needing to be done (in relation to levels between the two machines). Also, you don’t need to have the Seven in ‘Record’ just putting it into ‘Test’ will still feed the AES output, as seen in this photo.
Unedited MP3 samples of this recording can be heard here

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