Dec 05 2008


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With interests in audio recording and photography, our local wetland is an ideal place to wander. Located in the hills about 40 km east of Adelaide, South Australia, Laratinga Wetland, home to over 130 bird and 7 frog species, covers an area of about 16.7ha, of which, 10.7ha is underwater.

Recently retiring, I decided to do something about an interest I’ve had for a long time. After researching the best type of equipment available for my current needs, I purchased a Nagra VI (a beautiful Anniversary Model, of which only 60 will be built) and a Nagra Seven (two channel).

I use Schoeps CCM4Lg & CCM8Lg (in either M/S or ORTF configuration) in a Rycote/Schoeps blimp

I also use the wonderful DPA 4006A (Stereo set) and the DPA 4011C (Stereo set).

Orchestral and Choral performances are recorded ‘Direct to Stereo’ using Schoeps microphones in either M/S or ORTF and the DPA 4006A & DPA 4011C.

I hope you find something here that is either useful or simply just enjoyable.


Nagra VI & Seven. Recording the Adelaide University Choral Society in Pilgrim Church, Adelaide

Nagra VI & Seven, with the Adelaide University Choral Society in Pilgrim Church.




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