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Nov 16 2017

Unley Symphony Orchestra – Sample

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Sicilienne, from Pelleas et MelisandeW.A. Mozart
This clip was recorded in Gillingham Hall, Wayville on Wednesday night, 15 November 2017
Recorded into a Nagra VI (Anniversary Model) using a phased array main. Recorded at 24/96 as mono files. Gain set to 120 on the scale.
Stand set 1.8 metres behind the conductor and at the full height of 3.7 Metres on the main floor (Manfrotto 1004BAC) The stage height is about 80cm above the main floor.

DPA4006A Omni Pair (Spaced 67cm) – Channels 1 & 2

Unley Symphony Orchestra USO-Sicilienne-Omni

DPA4011C Cardioid Pair (Spaced 41cm) – Channels 3 & 4

Unley Symphony Orchestra Sicilienne-Cardioid-3

As usual with these clips, nothing has been done to them other than top & tail, MP3 conversion and normalised to match gains.
The final CD will be a blend of these pairs, plus spot microphones. Schoeps CCM8Lg on Woodwind and a Schoeps CCM4Lg spot on the Oboe (for the Concerto in C major for Oboe & Orchestra – Mozart) & Harp (this sample).


Jan 23 2017

Adelaide Summer Orchestra – The Planets

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Recorded live in the Norwood Concert Hall
January 2017

The Planets (Gustav Holst)
– Mars


Aug 20 2016

**Terrace Singers MP3 Samples

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Jul 22 2016


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Nothing has been done to these samples other than MP3 conversion for upload.

Warning: – This audio has a high dynamic range. Listening to it at high levels may cause hearing damage, particularly if using headphones.



Adelaide Summer Orchestra
Norwood Concert Hall, January 2016
Grieg’s Piano Concerto in A minor Op. 16

Allegro molto moderato



Adelaide Summer Orchestra
Norwood Concert Hall, January 2015
Mahler’s 4th Symphony

I. – Bed├Ąchtig, nicht eilen


IV. – Sehr behaglich (Soloist – Kirsti Harm)


Technical Information
Recorded using a Nagra VI & Nagra Seven at 24 bit/96 kHz
Schoeps CCM4Lg Cardioid Microphones in ORTF
DPA 4006A Omni Microphones spaced at 44cm
DPA 4011C Cardioid Microphone on Soprano


Jul 07 2016

AUCS – Magnificat

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Magnificat – Et exultavit spiritus meus


Exsultate, Jubilate – Andante


Apr 09 2016

APC Sample MP3

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All samples on this page are straight out of the recorder before any editing. MP3 conversion is the only thing that has been done to them.

Coronation Anthems (G. F. Handel)

Organ Concerto Op. 4, No. 6 – Allegro moderato


Surely He hath borne our griefs


Mar 20 2016

The Corinthian Singers – Passion MP3 Sample

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No editing has been done to these clips yet, other than fade in/out and conversion to MP3 for upload.

Recorded in St John’s Church, Adelaide – 20 March 2016
Requiem: I. Salvator Mundi


Feb 20 2016

AUC On The Wild Side – Fringe 2016

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No editing has been done to these clips yet, other than conversion to MP3 for upload.


804.672 Kilometers




Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again




Technical Information
Recorded using a Nagra VI at 24 bit/96 kHz
Schoeps CCM4Lg & CCM8Lg in M/S Configuration




Oct 23 2015

AUCS – Hymns of the Orthodox Church

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Christ Church, North Adelaide – October 2015

A quick MP3 sample from tonight. Nothing has been done to these other than MP3 conversion for upload, so these are straight out of the recorder without any editing. These samples are from the DPA 4006A pair only

Song For Athene (Rachmaninoff)

Bogoroditse Devo (Tavener)

From the driver's side
For those interested, these two recorders are made by Nagra in Switzerland. The top recorder is an 8 channel Nagra VI. You can buy a ‘normal’ Nagra VI for around US$11,500, but when the Nagra company turned 60, they built 60 special Anniversay versions (with a hefty premium added) The front is machined from a solid block of aluminium and there are some additional features. My Nagra VI is number 40 of that 60.

The smaller recorder is a 2 channel Nagra 7 (they moved away from Roman Numerals for this model). The 7 comes with several options such as WiFi or ISDN to allow fast upload of files in the field. This Nagra 7 has no additional options and is around US$4,000.

Like most multi channel recorders, not all of the input channels have microphone pre-amps. So for channels 5 & 6, (And, if using digital, channels 7 & 8) you need to feed it a pre-amplified signal. That is why my Nagra 7 is there.

I’m feeding the Nagra VI channels 1 & 2 from one pair of stereo microphones and channels 3 & 4 from another pair. The third pair of microphones are going into the left side of the Nagra 7 and straight back out the right side, into the Nagra VI. No recording is being done on the Nagra 7, I’m just using its pre-amps for the microphones.

To complicate the explanation, although channels 5 & 6 are coming from the Nagra 7, they are coming out of it via it’s single digital line (on the right side) as opposed to the two analogue outputs. This negates the need to convert the microphone analogue signal to digital (to go into and through the 7 internals) then back to analogue to go out of the 7 (to feed the analogue inputs of the Nagra VI) and back to digital inside the Nagra VI, to be recorded to the hard drive. By using the digital output of the 7, the signal stays digital all the way to the Nagra VI hard drive (so nothing is lost in translation). ALSO, two channels can be fed along a single digital line. So the digital cable goes into the channel 5 input on the Nagra VI and feeds tracks 5 & 6 of the recording. (this is why the Nagra VI can have channels 7 & 8 if it’s a digital signal, as they feed the channel 6 input for channels 7 & 8 of the recording).

As for the microphones? Channels 1 & 2 were fed by a pair of DPA 4006A Omni mics (Danish Pro Audio), channels 3 & 4 by a pair of DPA 4011C cardioid mics and channels 5 & 6 by a Schoeps CCM4Lg & CCM8Lg combination, in a configuration know as Mid/Side (Google that one)

The resulting 6 channels are edited on a 27″ iMac using an excellent program called Triumph by Audiofile-Engineering. All lumps, bumps and potholes are cleaned up using iZotope RX5 Advanced. It’s great for the fine editing work of removing page turns, audience coughs, riser creaks etc. The RX clean-up process is what takes the longest. I’ve spent over an hour cleaning a cough out of a track before. All of the 6 channels are recorded and edited at a resolution of 24bit/96kHz and mixed into the final 2 channel (stereo 16bit/44.1kHz) CD that, hopefully, you’ve bought.

BTW, I listen to all of this on a pair of Australian made Grover Notting Code 4 studio monitors. They are truly wonderfully designed speakers.


Aug 29 2015

Corinthian Singers – MP3 Sample

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This sample is unedited at this stage. Nothing has been done other than conversion to MP3 for upload.
Os Justi (Anton Bruckner) – St John’s Church, Adelaide



Technical Information
Recorded using a Nagra VI at 24 bit/96 kHz
DPA 4006A Omni Microphones spaced at 32cm
Schoeps CCM4Lg Cardioid Microphones in ORTF


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